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Discussion Questions for Esther



1. Who wrote the Book of Esther? Who do you think is the most important (main) character?


2. List at least three (3) things that Esther did to make her a she'roe:


3. Why did Mordecai tell Esther to hide her true identity?


4. Why did Haman want to destroy all Jews just because of one man's action?


5. What happened to Esther after she saved her people? Is it possible that God put her in place "for such a time as this"?


6. What is the Feast of Purim and why is it important?


7. How does the story of Esther point to Jesus?


8. How is the Book of Esther relevant for us today?




We are the F.L.O.W.E.R.S. 




Fortified, Lay, Organization of Women, Enhancing, Religious Services

We will strive to enhance the roles of women in the church by allowing

ourselves to be used of God in more excellent service to all humanity.



FOCUS ~ Service             COLORS Pink Burgundy


~ AIM ~

  Including All,

   Overlooking None



Lifting As We Climb

 South Atlantic Conference Women's Ministries


Women's Ministry Day March 10, 2018